We specialise in interventional cardiology, radiology, peripheral vascular and non-vascular markets

Q3 Medical Devices Limited is a Dublin, Ireland based holding company formed April 17, 2013 by an international group of entrepreneurs, manufactures, distributors, industry doctors, and investors focused on the development and acquisition of medical device businesses with annual revenues between 1 -10 Million Euros.

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Business Concept

Opportunity to expand

In a market where there has been considerable effort to increase the size and scope of the offerings across multiple specialties and where there has been significant consolidation at the Large Cap and Mid Cap Level Q3 Medical believes there is a significant opportunity to expand its competitive base through the organic growth of its existing businesses and through acquisitions.

Our vision

Q3 Medical is focused on opportunities that will accelerate the expansion of its core manufacturing base as well as enhanced capabilities for innovative developments, distribution channel expansion, and accelerated product offering for patients with cardiology, peripheral vascular and non-vascular diseases.

Our vision

Q3 Medical believes that the global market is dependent on 3 main drivers for strategic success:
1. Developing innovative solutions that can drive cost from the healthcare system while increasing capacity while providing a high quality product at a reasonable price.
2. Relationship with the triangle of influence (Finance, Care Givers, and Patients) play an ever increasing role in success.
3. Consolidation creates opportunities for the company’s core business expansion in production, development, and distribution.

Q3 Medical plans to leverage its capabilities in innovation, channel management, and acquisition to insure its long term success.